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AC Utilities Board
A message board where you can go to try to get support for ACDualClient or other AC related utilities

Asheron's Call Dev Board
A Messageboard for people interested in 3rd Party App Development

Wembly's AC Utils
Original Creator of TweakAC. Also did all the research into Windowed Mode

Suca's ACHeaven
Link 3rd Part Paradise with Decal and 3rd Party information.

3rd Party Paradise
Links for almost any 3rd party utility made.

Dual Client Screenshots
Screenshots of ACDualClient 7.0.1

Asheron's Call Top 200
Asheron's Call Top 200 - Links to popular sites! Vote for me!

ACDualClient JAVA Chat
Chat in the #ACDualClient channel on Can sometimes get live help when I'm in there.

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